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    The Most Instagrammable Places in Hamburg

    If you are looking for the best shots of Hamburg for your Instagram feed that are sure to impress your followers, then you are at the right place. From stunning canals to beautiful buildings, Steve Rossi, Concierge at Fraser Suites Hamburg, has rounded up some of the best photo opportunities this city has to offer. 

    10- The Elbphilharmonie

    The Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, on the Grasbrook peninsula of the Elbe River. Whether you visit at sunrise or sunset, The Elbphilharmonie is one of the most photogenic places in Hamburg and a photo of this is sure to look great on any Instagram feed.  From Fraser Suites Hamburg, you can walk to this spot in under 15-minutes.


    Photo: Steve Rossi / @concierge.steve on Instagram

    9- Hamburg Town Hall

    The stunning architecture of Hamburg Town Hall dominates the centre of the city. It is where Hamburg Parliament and the Senate assemble. The eclectic, neo-renaissance building from 1897 is open to the visitors, which means you can get some great photos for Instagram of both the interior and exterior of Hamburg Town Hall.

    8- Speicherstadt 

    Perhaps the most photographedplace in Hamburg, Speicherstadt or “city of warehouses” is one of the largest storage complexes in the world. Built at the end of the 19th century, it has since become a popular spot with visitors to Hamburg and was named an UNESCO heritage site in 2015. From the Poggenmühlen bridge, you’ll get the most iconic view of the city. 

    Tip: Get closer to the canals at sunset or when it gets darker and you’ll see the red houses that, when illuminated, create interesting reflections on the water.


    Photo: Steve Rossi / @concierge.steve on Instagram

    7- The Library at Fraser Suites Hamburg

    With its ersatz fire and stylish retro furnishings, a photo in The Library at Fraser Suites Hamburg is sure to add some luxury to your Instagram account.

    6- HafenCity Universität (Hamburg U-Bahn station)

    What makes this underground station special is its light display and music performances. This instagrammable place in Hamburg features 12 metal volumes that change colours. In addition to the impressive light show, the Hafencity University subway station has a beautiful music performance. Every hour between 10 am and 6 pm, you can enjoy classical music while standing in the station. The whole place looks extremely symmetrical, making it perfect for photographing.


    Photo: Steve Rossi / @concierge.steve on Instagram

    5- Alster Lake

    The Inner and Outer Alster Lakes are a central part of city life in Hamburg. During the summertime, they are popular with sailors, paddlers and rowers. The Outer Alster is surrounded by ancient trees, green parks and beautiful mansions. You could easily spend an afternoon wandering around and taking great photos for Instagram here. 


    Photo: Steve Rossi / @concierge.steve on Instagram

    4- Port of Hamburg

    Discover the diversity of the Port of Hamburg, with its harbor cranes, cruise ships, container ships and barges. As one of the largest ports in Europe, there's always something going on here for you to photograph. 

    3- St Pauli

    If you're looking for cool backdrops for your Instagram photos, be sure to check out the street art in St Pauli. I recommend walking along Clemens-Schultz Strasse and Simon-von-Utrecht Strasse, there are lots of hidden passages featuring great art on this route.

    2- Reeperbahn

    The Reeperbahn is a street and entertainment district in Hamburg's St. Pauli district. It's also a great spot to shoot some colourful neonlight pictures.

    1- The Nikolaifleet Canal

    The Nikolaifleet Canal, situated in the old town Altstadt of Hamburg, was the original brance of the Alster estuary. It seperates the Cremon Island from the mainland and is considered one of the oldest parts of the Port of Hamburg. This place is a must-see when in Hamburg and definitely one of the most photogentic spots in the city.


    Photo: Steve Rossi / @concierge.steve on Instagram

    When you stay at Fraser Suites Hamburg, some of the city’s most instagrammable places are on your doorstep. Nearby are Hamburg’s most famous tourist attractions, including the Speicherstadt Warehouse district, the exclusive shopping precinct of Neuer Wall and the city’s central business district, HafenCity.

    Fraser Suites Hamburg occupies the historic Oberfinanzdirektion, a listed building dating back to 1907 located in the prime area of Rödingsmarkt. Inside, the property offers a complete fitness suite, 24/7 concierge as well as events facilities. The perfect base from which to explore all the instagrammable places in Hamburg!