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    Fitness Suite (Facility currently closed)

    If you’re travelling a lot, you know how hard it can be to stick with your fitness routine, that is why at Fraser Suites Hamburg, we have a compact but comprehensive fitness suite which combines contemporary design with the latest cutting edge gym equipment from Life Fitness, providing a luxury environment for a better workout.

    Whether you simply want a treadmill to go for a quick run, or need equipment to adapt your regular workout, our fitness suite can work for you.

    Equipment in our Fitness Suite 

    fitness suite

    We want you to have a workout that suits your needs and goals. That’s why you will find all of the core equipment that will satisfy most of the gym lovers.

    Those of us who just want to get in and get their cardio out of the way will be keen to jump on a treadmill, elliptical, the bike or rowing machine; all of which you can turn the resistance up and really go for it.

    Equipment in the fitness suite includes: 

    • Treadmill
    • Elliptical trainer
    • Training bike
    • Rowing machine
    • Folding incline bench
    • Free weights
    • Adjustable cable machine
    • Inflatable balls 

    For anyone who loves a full-body workout, the adjustable cable machine is going to be your best friend in the fitness suite. You can work from top to toe with different attachments for focussed exercises on the shoulders, back, legs and chest. 

    The folding incline bench and free weights face the mirror wall too, so you can keep a good eye on your form as you work out. We find it’s great for chest and back exercises, especially if you like going incline for a more intense range of motion on your curls and extensions. 

    A fitness suite when you need it

    You’ll be happy to know that our fitness is exclusively for Fraser Suites guests and is open 24/7. Whether you like to get up first thing in the morning for a workout before breakfast, want to nip in when you have a free half-hour around lunch or are still a little jet-lagged and need to keep busy in the middle of the night, the suite is always open. 

    Powering you through your workout

    There’s no need to feel fatigued or drained when you train in the hotel. In the fitness suite, we have complimentary water to keep you going without sneaking off for a drink. 

    And as soon as you’re done, there’s no need to head straight for the snacks. There are free apples in the suite you can take for a healthy post-workout snack. And if you are trying to eat healthily, you’ll be happy to know we have great options on our dining menu in the restaurant as well.


    Don’t forget that we have a steam room and sauna if you need to decompress for a few minutes and revive a little after your workout. 

    And remember that there are fresh towels at hand you can use after your workout too.

    Facilities at Fraser Suites Hamburg 

    Staying with us and wondering what the hotel has to offer? Take a look at all the facilities for guests at Fraser Suites Hamburg to see how you can make the most from your stay with us.

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