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    Sauna (Facility currently closed)

    Whether you’re in town for meetings, have been sightseeing all day long, or simply need a few minutes to decompress after a long day, there’s nothing better than having a few minutes to yourself in a sauna.

    Great news for guests of Fraser Suites Hamburg! We now have two brand new saunas ready for use whenever you need them. Exclusive for guests at the hotel, they provide the ideal opportunity to work up a sweat without having to go to the gym (we have an excellent onsite fitness suite you can read about here). 

    Saunas to suit your mood

    sauna facilities

    Are you the kind of person who goes to the sauna to simply relax, or do you need to crack the temperature up so you feel rejuvenated after a good ten to fifteen minutes working up a sweat? 

    We have two saunas side by side that can meet your needs, with mood lighting to help build a calming atmosphere. There are also raised wooden corners on the upper levels you can pop a pillow on and stretch out for total relaxation.

    Using the sauna is a fantastic opportunity to relax, purify the skin and detoxify. It also helps promote circulation, so if you’re visiting in the colder months and can’t get rid of the chill from walking around town, a few minutes in the sauna is a must.

    • 60° Sauna

    Do you rarely (if ever) use the sauna or will only try it out when staying at accommodation such as Fraser Suites Hamburg? You’ll want to use the 60° sauna. It may sound like it’s on the lower end of the heat scale, but it’s the ideal temperature for someone who simply wants to take it easy and relax for short periods.

    If you’re really not used to taking saunas frequently, we recommend you don’t go beyond 10 minutes at a time. Remember, visiting the sauna is all about feeling comfortable and giving your body the chance to relax. 

    • 80° to 100° Sauna

    When you need to shake off the cobwebs and wake up, spending a few minutes in the warmer of our two saunas will do the job. This sauna is set at a higher temperature to keep in line with more traditional sauna customs. It may not be for everyone, but avid sauna-goers will be more than used to the heat. 

    We do not recommend spending an extensive length of time in this heat, even if you sauna frequently. Ten minutes at most will suffice.

    Sauna etiquette

    Towels are provided for guests using the sauna. Before getting in, we do recommend using the cold shower beside the entry for cleanliness and to use it after finishing your session as well.

    Both saunas have a clock, so you’re able to keep track of time, so please do not bring any electronics like your phone in with you as they will get damaged.

    If you’re not used to saunas, also remember to use the shower if you come out feeling very hot or a little overwhelmed as it will help bring body temperature back down.

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